What is an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are people who whole-heartedly believe IN the mission.

They are joined with the cause financially, prayerfully and through attendance whenever possible. Ambassadors are an essential component of The Chiropractic Revolution because this group commits to pray, participate and provide a monthly offering to the Revolution Mission. Our primary focus is to lead the Chiropractor and their spouse towards a better relationship with The Lord as well as each other. Out of this, abundance will flow in the office. God has shown us that our main vehicle of transformation are the Revolution gatherings throughout the year.

As an Ambassador, you will receive:

  1. Community - Monthly 30-minute Spirit-filled principled group conference call

  2. Discounts - 15% off “Chiro Rev” merchandise

  3. Resources - Access to all Seminars

Want More Info?

Meet Our Current Ambassadors


Dr. Michael has been married to his beautiful wife Marjorie for almost 20 years, and has four children Gage, Faith, Kendall, and Reese.

Dr. Michael has two chiropractic practices, and is also the co-founder of the Chiropractic Revolution. "All across the profession you see a worldly philosophy and false teaching in what becoming a success is...at The Chiropractic Revolution we believe that true success comes from a personal relationship with Jesus; being the best parent and spouse you can be; and finally being grounded in who you are as a Chiropractor." Dr. Michael takes this message of God, Family, and Chiropractic across the country in a effort to inspire others to put their priorities in proper order. In addition Dr. Michael enjoys spending time with his family at Lake Lure as well as duck hunting in West Tennessee.


Dr. Matthew loves chiropractic and his family. He believes that Jesus needs to be at the center of everything we do in our lives. Dr. Matthew is also the

co-founder of the Chiropractic Revolution. What he love most about the Chiropractic Revolution is the authentic and real nature of the Christ loving chiropractors.

Dr. Matthew loves practicing in his principal subluxation based chiropractic clinic in Grimsby Ontario where he serves hundreds of patients daily empowering them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.


Drs. Brandon and Chantelle Crouch were at the first ever Chiropractic Revolution gathering. They are principled chiropractors from Kentucky and they deeply love The Lord. They have two awesome boys and love serving families in their principled chiropractic office.

John Edwards.png


Dr. John Edwards is a passionate, servant based, principled chiropractor from Tennessee. He and his family love BMX racing and are actively engaged in their community.


Dr. Peter has built one of the largest natural healthcare clinics in the entire state of Tennessee. He is married to his wife Mary and they have three sons Noah, Christian, and Ryder. They are highly motivated and committed to changing this area, state, region and world to put God back in healthcare.

Nichole Quinn_family.png


Dr. Nicole Quinn lives in South Carolina with her husband Bryan and two children. She has a heart for family health and wellness and serves in her principled chiropractic clinic in Charleston. She has been a supporter of The Chiropractic Revolution since 2014.


Dr. Scot Thompson is a powerhouse in every sense of the word. He and his wife Amy and their 4 boys love The Lord and have a heart to see people know their Jesus. They practice in Alabama and run a principle, wellness based high volume office.


Dr. Timmerman and his wife Rhonda live with their three boys in Winnipeg Canada. He runs a high volume, principled office with a high energy and zest for life. He has been at nearly all Revolution gatherings and has been supporting since inception in 2014.


Dr. Dennis has been married to his lovely wife, Ruth for 34 years and has 3 children. Dr. Heskett has been in practice for over 22 years. He is well recognized for his passion internationally in the chiropractic speaking circle for over 20 years.

Dr. Heskett currently has over 50 patients that are now Chiropractors. He is well recognized for his passion internationally in the chiropractic speaking circle for over 20 years.


Dr. Kurt is married to the love of his life, Angela, and they have two children. He feels family is very important and that is why he is so passionate about being a family wellness doctor, and engaging with so many wonderful families in the Memphis area. His key to success is Matthew 6:33 and his purpose is to ‘help and serve.’ So that everybody reaches their full God given potential.


Dr. Matt was raised to know the Lord and to experience abundant life through God’s principle of health and chiropractic. With that always in the back of his mind, after earning the title of doctor in 1999 he followed his father’s footstep and began his chiropractic journey. Since then Dr. Matt has been bringing the message of Jesus Christ and chiropractic to the people of Mansfield, across the nation and the world.


Dr. John Rae and his wife, Virginia along with their three children live in Wasaga Beach, Canada, and John has been serving his community for over 10 years now. Best known for his persistently busy, family-focused clinic and his specialized technique, The Gonstead Chiropractic System, he has set himself apart from the rest.


Dr. Justin and Dr. Courtney are co-owners and founders of Music City Health Center located in the wonderful community of Goodlettsville, TN. Together they have received advanced training in spinal correction, toxicity, exercise, and nutrition from some of the largest health clinics in the world.


Dr. DeAndra is a second generation chiropractor who grew up in the small town of Murray, KY. Chiropractic has been a part of her life since the day she was born; she received her first chiropractic adjustment when she was just three minutes old, from her father who is a chiropractor. Dr. Herndon and her husband, Aaron, are high school sweethearts who married in 2010


Dr. Rob McCay is the owner of McCay Chiropractic. He is an active member of the Kentucky Association of Chiropractors, where he serves as

vice-president of District 2, as well as First Baptist Church where he is an AWANA leader. Dr. McCay lives in Madisonville with his wife Marina, daughters Jordan and Madeline, and son Jon.


Dr. Jessica Lee has dedicated her life to God, her family, and chiropractic. She is married to her college sweetheart Stephen Lee where they reside in Prairieville, Louisiana. Together they founded Grace Family Chiropractic. They believe their clinic will bring ministry to the workplace where they can share Jesus with the world.

JULIA Thorpe

Julia is passionate about Jesus and believes her vehicle for spreading His name is through chiropractic. She also loves educating and teaching others on the power of nutrition and removing toxins from our environments. She has found a home with those at The Chiropractic Revolution, and believes because of them healthcare can be centered around the Lord again!


Dr. Ben Rall is focused on helping people to achieve their health and wellness goals. His number one priority is educating and empowering with the tools, support, and services you need to be well. He is the Founder of Achieve Wellness, and Author of “Moving from Corporate Wellness to Cooperate Wellness,” has created an unmatched corporate wellness program for today’s business model.


Dr. Jim Olszewski is celebrating 15 years of changing the lives of thousands of people through the benefits of chiropractic healthcare. Dr. Jim and his wife Christy have 7 children, and his practice in Huntsville, AL is growing by leaps and bounds as they help patients achieve their God-given health potential.


Dr. Smith completed further studies in Specific, Scientific Chiropractic and was Kale certified in 1996. He knows that discipline, prayer and meditation on God's Word allow him to experience the presence of God working through him, and enables him to do his work. The two most important things in Dr. Peter's life are faith and family. "I have been blessed with a loving wife, Julie, and two remarkable sons, Daniel and Benji.


Dr. Schwartz has devoted his life to maximizing the health and human potential of his community. He has dedicated his time and expertise to providing the most optimal care for his patients and to teaching health seminars throughout the nation.

Dr. Schwartz has traveled across North America learning cutting-edge nutritional, detoxification, and spinal corrective techniques to provide his patients with the best possible care.


Oscar Noriega is a chiropractor who serves Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities in TN.

Dr. Oscar Noriega uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness in all areas of patient's lives, whether they are having problems with back pain or neck pain, or just want to start feeling better when they wake up in the morning. Dr. Noriega takes a "whole person" approach in chiropractic care.


Together, Dr. Matt and his wife Brooke have two children Madison and Avery. Their life is about family, and they enjoy spending time together, being outside, traveling and athletics. Active in sports, Dr. Matt first encountered chiropractic when he was injured while playing. He decided to attend chiropractic school since it allowed him to be in the health care field and help people.


Dr. Craig is dedicated to serving the Lord. His practice is in Kernersville, NC, where his goal is to help make his community a healthier place. He is married to his wonderful wife Alison. They have two children, their little boy Mac, and their daughter Charlee, who is in heaven with Jesus.

Misty Browning HEADSHOT website.jpg


Dr. Misty Browning has been serving north AL for 10 years. Originally from Ohio she landed in AL after graduating from Parker College. After working as an associate for several years she opened New Life Family Chiropractic in 2011. Her passion is with pediatrics and pregnancy cases. She is active in her community as a board member for Save-A-Life, speaker for the local MOPS and breastfeeding support groups, and the team doc for the Point Mallard Ducks Hockey team. She loves to go on mission trips (with her church and with Chiropractic teams) to help serve under privileged areas and fulfill something she feels God has called her to do.


Dr. Stephen Franson, his wife Camilla, and their two children, Sam and Emma Grace, live on the seacoast of New Hampshire. Dr. Franson is the founder of The Remarkable Practice an innovative consulting and coaching company that helps doctors create a Remarkable Practice as part of a Remarkable Life. Franson was named All-State and All-American Chiropractor by his peers, is a sought-after international Wellness speaker, author and teacher of the Wellness Lifestyle.